The hidden oasis of Mykonos

Embark on a culinary journey stretching from the exotic East to the breezy heart of Mediterranean cuisine.

An exotic journey of culinary excellence

Discover elegant seafood harvested from the Aegean Sea, finely sliced crunchy vegetables and first-class sushi. Working with unparalleled precision, we have curated a menu laden with Asian & Mediterranean specialities, all revisited with a clever twist and culinary expertise.

The Philosophy

A Junction of Culinary Paths

Anu offers an eclectic collection of gourmet sensations in Mykonos. Our cuisine is an elegant melting pot that brings together the exotic flavours of the East and the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean.

Inspired by a Dream

Imagine feasting on the most abundant and diverse variety of delicacies from here and far in an environment of remedying serenity exuding the feel of a dream-like oasis…

Well, sometimes, dreams do come true… 

Experience an inventive culinary journey wrapped in an ambience with that extra touch of soul that makes every moment in Anu Bar & Restaurant in Mykonos truly rare and special.

Under the Spell of the Mystical Orient

Beautifully nestled at the heart of Akkadian Boutique Hotel, Anu Bar & Restaurant in Mykonos brings a characterful exotic note to the culinary scene of the island. Dive into the experience.

Mykonos: Where Miracles Happen

Every facet of island life here is replete with emotions so powerful, so extraordinary, that will never cease to make holidays Mykonos rise above anything else you’ve experienced so far. A legendary cosmopolitan destination awaits to unfold its epicurean secrets.  

Let’s treat you to a slice of Anu Bar & Restaurant!