A Restaurant Where the East Meets the West

A dizzying array of dishes replete with ethnic exoticism drawing inspiration from the Far East and the Mediterranean culinary heritage.

A Cosmopolitan Culinary Blend

Anu Bar & Restaurant in Mykonos offers top-notch quality food inspired by a wealth of countries and national cuisines. Discover a fusion cuisine experience that is essentially cosmopolitan and varied in flavours, ingredients and procedures.

Join us in this alluring crossroads of culinary origins where the local element and the exotic inspiration conspire to bring to your table a most fascinating riot of taste. Prepared in our state-of-the-art kitchen, all our dishes are made daily from scratch – from our premium quality sushi to the fresh seafood and fish to the delicious pasta, risotti and desserts.

Our Menu

Anu Bar & Restaurant is located in a serene location, only a short distance from the centre of Mykonos town but tucked away from the hustle & bustle. An air of exclusivity and desire to remain away from the prying eyes hovers over the beautifully “junglified” space of Anu, at the heart of Akkadian Boutique Hotel, where guests will find, from morning till night, the best of creative Mediterranean, Ethnic and Asian fusion cuisine.


Creative Dishes

 with an Exotic Flair

Let’s treat you to a slice of Anu Bar & Restaurant!