A Verdant Corner to Repose

A wealth of delectable drinks and cocktails to introduce you to the most indulgent moments of Mykonos island life in an exclusive setting away from prying eyes.

Enjoy the creative wine, drinks & cocktail list of Anu Bar & Restaurant and revel in its unique atmosphere and laid-back rhythms. Inspired by exciting far-flung corners of the world and the distinct cosmopolitan character of a stellar summer destination like Mykonos, we have amalgamated a unique blend of influences to treat our guests to an unparalleled island experience.

An Explosion of Senses

Anu Bar & Restaurant in Mykonos is set in the sumptuous verdant grounds of Akkadian Boutique Hotel, where the main pool takes centre stage and invites the privileged guests to destress and leave the world behind.

Find your way to a secret oasis-like forest of rare emotions, flavours and summer sensations. Inspired by the mystical charm and the legends of ancient Mesopotamia, this is a destination to savour craft cocktails and signature drinks prepared by top-class bartenders & mixologists and paired with delicious nibbles and dishes from our thoughtfully curated menu.

Drinks Full of Character

Sometimes all one needs is a refreshing drink by a dreamy pool. A precious moment of repose with a craft cocktail, a delicate wine or a feel-good vitamin-rich juice. Anu Bar & Restaurant honours these moments and turns them into an occasion to celebrate summer life and easy Mykonian vibes

Our top-tier baristas and bartenders are shaking, stirring and mixing up the finest drinks to treat you to sips full of fresh taste and island aroma. Take a plunge into the ultimate exotic experience and fuel your days and nights in Mykonos with the effortless joie de vivre of Anu Bar & Restaurant.


Delectable Sips

with Island Vibes

Let’s treat you to a slice of Anu Bar & Restaurant!