A Playground of Glamorous Emotions

Wandering around the Cycladic lanes of Mykonos or cooling off in one of its impossibly beautiful shores with an established tan and an air of authentic holiday nonchalance is a dream for many travellers. Time to make yours true…

The distinct feel of cosmopolitan brio is all around and the sun-drenched Aegean island, layer upon layer, is bound to reveal to you its beauty and the several reasons why, year after year, it remains at the top of the well-travelled holidaymaker; one that is awakened to the pleasures of fine living and devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, comfort and luxury!

The Chora of Mykonos

Whitewashed cubism is the signature style of Cycladic architecture. Crisp, fresh and effortlessly beautiful, this arrangement of sugar-cube houses and labyrinthical lanes is engaged in a love affair with the blue of the Aegean sea, the purple cascades of bougainvillaea, the whisper of the revitalizing wind and the dry and bare landscape that carpets the island.

As you zig-zag your way through the port-side capital of Mykonos, the so-called Chora, make sure you tour the picture-perfect Little Venice to catch a glimpse of the iconic windmills and bid farewell to a perfect summer day with a glorious sunset… When the night falls, the music gathers volume and the mood goes lighter. You know it’s going to be fun.

Anu Bar & Restaurant in Mykonos

Anu Bar & Restaurant is located in a serene location, only a short distance from the centre of Mykonos town but tucked away from the hustle & bustle. An air of exclusivity and desire to remain away from the prying eyes hovers over the beautifully “junglified” space of Anu, at the heart of Akkadian Boutique Hotel, where guests will find, from morning till night, the best of creative Mediterranean, Ethnic and Asian fusion cuisine.


Island Life

to the Fullest

Let’s treat you to a slice of Anu Bar & Restaurant!